Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Announcing CMJ PLAY

The NYU-MVGRP is proud to announce CMJ PLAY, a new joint-venture with the CMJ Music Marathon.

Press release here

Your humble professor's quote:
Samuel Howard-Spink, Clinical Assistant Professor of the Music Business Program at NYU / Founder of the NYU Music Video Game Research Project and CMJ Play curator says, “Interactive games are becoming the most significant media form in the entertainment and culture industries, and practically every single game or mobile app uses music in some way. This represents extraordinary opportunities for music creators and various tech companies to connect with the most engaged music fans and gamers. As participatory media overtakes passive consumption as the norm, the combination of music and gaming has the potential to provide more revenues to more creators and artists over the next decade than the recorded music business alone. This is the real future of music business, and CMJ Play is where this future will be discussed, debated, and forged.”

More frequent updates on the old twitter, I'll post more details here on the blog as they're revealed.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prof Sam's latest music game tweets

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