Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scar Symmetry and Steve Richard Together At Last

Games have officially brought Swedish progressive metal and country music together. Both Scar Symmetry and Steve Richard have recently released online games to help garner attention for their new album and single respectively. Scar Symmetry has released “Dark Matter Asteroids”, a clone of Asteroids to help promote their new album “Dark Matter Dimensions”. The high score holder wins a meet and greet during their Neckbreakers Ball Tour. Updated graphics include a Scar Symmetry branded spaceship.

To promote his single “Stomp”, Steve Richard, in collaboration with KBCR radio, has created a whack-a-mole type game where you act as a casting director and stomp out dancers unfitting for his new music video. I particularly enjoyed receiving points for crushing an old lady with a cowboy boot, as all casting directors do. Both are casual quick play games feature the bands music. Links to each game are below (as of right now I have the high score on Stomp, so bring your A-game).

Dark Matter Asteroids

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