Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wii News Update: Name Still Inspires Giggling

But besides that, there have been some interesting stories involving the Wii as of late.

In an interview with Nintendo Magazine on Monday, Shigeru Miyamoto talked about future iterations of Wii Music, "it's not really a sequel...but we have added some features to improve the overall experience." comparing it to the Wii Fit Plus. While there were no specifics given as to what those possible features could be, Miyamoto's track record in development of intellectual property for Nintendo has promise.

Additionally, while not directly music and games related, the Auburn Alabama Public Library has added a Wii to their game night roster usually consisting of board games, referencing the ability of the system to reach the elderly. The article states that the Wii
"benefits the elderly because they can get physical, but also because it enables them to remotely partake in activities they are no longer able to fully engage in." The library plans to expand their game library with literature based games, such as Harry Potter and Nancy Drew. Just as the music industry is beginning to recognize that music and rhythm action games are providing a new way for consumers to experience music, the literary world seems to be coming to realize the same can be done to literature.

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