Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kids rock

A European Union report has concluded that games pose no threat to children, and that in fact they stimulate "learning of facts and skills such as strategic reflection, creativity, cooperation and a sense of innovation." The report pegs the total value of the European games market at $9bn, calls for the strengthening the existing "PEGI" voluntary content ratings system shared by the EU's 27 member states, stresses parental involvement over national bans, and reveals the average age of the European gamer as 33.

All jolly sensible. And therefore clearly inappropriate for policy. But as the song says, "The Kids Are Alright." For readers born post-1990, that's a track by the Who. They were great, the song's great, go download it. The Best of the Who is also available in Rock Band, all master tracks.


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  2. Sorry, I had commented earlier, but deleted it by accident.

    (I was actually trying to post a comment on the Afro Samurai post because I'm a huge RZA fan, but it wouldn't let me, so I'm posting on this comment instead.)

    I've heard some mixed reviews on the Afro Samurai Soundtrack, although I haven't had a chance to check it (and by that, of course, I mean illegally download it) yet.

    Your student (wondering what that surprise will be),

    Daniel F

  3. Come by my office next week and we'll play it. You're a winner!