Monday, February 9, 2009

Whattup, G?

On CNET, Is Google's Eric Schmidt the next David Geffen?, in which the mighty G-Force emerges as the next great powerbroker in the music business, what with the current re-negotiations over 3/4 of the Majors' licensing deals with YouTube underway (WMG has thrown its rattle well clear of the pram), and its mobile OS Android underpinning's MP3 sales system. The real question for me is why no-one appears to have seen this coming. I followed a link from this to Amazon, Apple and the price of music from January, which has lots of juicy tidbits on recent shenanigans in the paid online music space. Are the major labels and Amazon in cahoots to stymie Apple? Does MySpace Music have any legs? Is anyone using DRM any more at all? Great stuff.

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