Thursday, October 22, 2009

CMJ Mobile Panel

Once again CMJ has taken over Manhatten. Here's a quick summary of some fun facts and predictions that came up in the Mobile Technology panel:

  • Jonathan Dworkin from Nokia said that the company plans to roll out their Comes With Music phone service globally in the next two years.
  • Users of the current Comes With Music plan download on average across 7 genres, those who buy a la carte buy across an average of 3.
  • About 8% of Shazaam inquiries end in a purchase according to Will Mills.
  • Michael Schneider of Mobile Roadie talked about the development of technology that would allow artists, through their phone applications to send out to send out files/messages based on the users location (e.g. at their concert).
  • Verizon's Tom Constabile stated that the company was currently working on developing a network with speed and reliability on par with broadband.

The panel was moderated by Peter Kirn from Create Digital Music which covers the role of mobile devices in producing music. So if pixelh8 and RjDj peaked your interest you may want to consider adding it to your blog checklist.

Additionally, the phrase "contextualized sonic bombardment" was used at some point, or so my scribbled notes tell me. I've decided to form a Prog Rock Band to release an album under that name. Any band name suggestions for such a release are more than welcome.

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