Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RjDj Carl Craig and Acid Pauli Create Interactive Album

A new addition to the iPhone app store this week is an interactive album called “Kids on DSP”, a collection of collaborations between Carl Craig and Acid Pauli. The album uses the RjDj audio synthesizer app to integrate sounds picked up from the microphone into the albums track as they’re being listened to. Different tracks place different filters on the input sounds to incorporate your current ambient noise into the song, allowing you to never listen to the same song twice.

This is a great example of new technology in the realm of interactive media forcing us to completely reconsider what recorded music actually is and what it can be. Not to mention showcasing that there are other ways to get people to interact with the music they’re listening to than playing along on plastic instruments.

Check out more on the album and the different applications of RjDj here.

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