Monday, October 19, 2009

Rock Band Do It Yourself Is Approaching

As we get closer to the "end of 2009" launch given by Harmonix, details of the new DIY Rock Band Network are becoming increasingly clear. A quick summary: this past summer Harmonix announced it was planning to open its track creation software and in game store to the masses in an attempt to exponentially expand its DLC collection. Artists and labels or any other copyright holders can create rock band tracks, submit them for review and hopefully make some money. Sound interesting? Here's a brief summary of what you need:

  • Reaper mixing software available here. They offer a free 30 day trial, afterward you can purchase the discounted license for $60 or the full commercial one for $225. If your only using it for personal/educational/non-profit use or for a for profit venture making less than $20K a year the discounted license will be fine for you.
  • Rock Band Plug-in available for Mac OSX or PC
  • Magma (PC only)- to create a wav/midi file that can be read by an Xbox
  • Xbox Live Gold membership
  • XNA premium membership to audition songs on the Xbox (a feature added in a rock band 2 patch) and to receive payment through.
  • 20-40 hours of free time (for your first time through depending on experience)

While the review process has yet to be outlined in specifics it seems that it will be community based, with approved users of a certain skill level playing through, reviewing and helping revise tracks. If you make it to the DLC promise land you'll get 30% of your sales.

For those looking to dominate the PS3 market hold tight, no word yet on negotiations regarding the selling and uploading of songs for that platform.

Like the idea of your music on Rock Band? Not so much the work? There's a healthy list of companies looking to help you out for a small share on the Rock Band Forums. But if you haven't been scared off yet and want to give it a shot yourself you can find more detailed instructions here.

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